Product Development

LSMS provide new product development services for those for those Islamic commercial and investment banks which either has obtained licence from respective government or going to obtain the same.

Asset Side

  • Financing for working capital
  • Financing for long term capital projects
  • Finance for trade finance business
  • Consumer mortgage financing


Fixed deposit/term deposit having either lump sum amount of deposit at the beginning of investment or investment through the series of savings.

Product Structuring

  • LSMS provide structures for long term tenor financing through following models:
  • Syndicated financing
  • Sukuk
    • Ijarah
    • Musharakah
    • Salam
    • Istisna
    • Mudarabah

Sharia Vetting & Documentation

LSMS provide sharia vetting of legal documentation being used or to be used by an Islamic commercial/investment bank.


LSMS Provide job training for our client s personnel

About Takaful

Takaful is a fast growing concept of Islamic Insurance in the modern era, based on good

performance and transparency. Apart from adherence to Shariah principles, it’s ‘return of Surplus’ feature gives it a competitive edge over conventional insurance achieving wider acceptability and commercial attraction for this pristine, though nascent industry. It holds great potential for diversification and growth and is an essential prerequisite for the Islamic/Halal modes of financing in order to make them 100% Shariah -compliant.As such, Takaful blends ideally with the emerging Islamic banking operations and equips them with the necessary tool to manage their exposures and risks in a truly Islamic way


Taking cognizance of the utmost significance of this emerging form of Islamic Insurance, LSMS, has recently set up a ‘Takaful Consultancy Wing’ at its Head London – United Kingdom. Manned (LSMS -TAKAFUL). (CONSULTANCY) and managed by a team of qualified and competent Takaful professionals, The said’ Takaful Consultancy Wing’ will provide advisory services in all aspects of Takaful, including arrangement of familiarization/training sessions, product development, providing an FAQ -Response service, advice on setting up new Takaful companies, arranging optimum takaful coverage for all your insurance needs and identifying, short – listing and training suitable professionals for meeting such manpower needs for Takaful companies, Islamic banks, Modarabas & other interested groups/institutions.


Takaful Consultancy wing is being set up with an objective to provide assistance through Consultancy, Advisory Service, Research and Shariah-compliant product development for the insurance/Islamic Financial institutions ensuring the growth and ready availability of Takaful (Islamic insurance) products and services around the globe.


  • Offer assistance to establish new Takaful Company/ies, including preparation of appropriate Business Plans, Takaful Model, Financial Projections, etc.
  • Undertake research assignments to develop new Takaful products, Market Intelligence and Gap Analysis etc.
  • Provide guidance & assist in the transformation of conventional insurance companies/ operations into Takaful (Islamic Insurance) mode.
  • Provide similar advisory/consultancy services for setting up ‘Takaful Window’ operations.
  • Training and capacity building programs; these can even be arranged in-house for the interested institutions.
  • Short-listing & recruiting suitable Takaful professionals for the interested Islamic Financial institutions and other interested groups.
  • Facilitating close coordination between variousTakaful & ReTakaful companies and assisting in collective ‘risk-pooling’ & capacity -building by means of geographical spread.