London School of Modern Studies is a prestigious education and training provider in the United Kingdom with excellence in academics since 2005 and moral responsibilities since the day of foundation. LSMS puts in huge effort to render the best ever and globally acknowledged learning quality to students from every corner of the world. Since students from varied states of origin and living come under one roof, healthy and variant learning environment is practiced by LSMS to improve knowledge and learning. One typical application and form of learning methodology is the Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI) which is the collaborative exertion of students, teaching staff, administration and community experts who give students with chances for community involved learning ability and hands on research in the classroom.

Globally divergent students gathering as one to learn and perform course work builds up responsibilities socially apart from the learning act. Community based study embellishes

learning process by motivating the students to apply and execute the knowledge and data learnt under stressful situations that powers down the local people and society. The technical and analytical tools and laws trained in the classroom are handled in the social table with the assistance from the faculty and community leaders. With the community assisted learning, students dig deep down the subject for enhanced understanding of the financial studies and other academics as well as the community gets benefitted with the application of the learnt procedures and practices of Islamic finance. Furthermore, students evolve with new research projects, collect and analyze data, and share their results and wrap-ups with their professors as well as the organizations and agencies requiring the information.

Community-based learning initiative offered by London School of Modern Studies is truly agape to students and the society and poses convincing.